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I offer a professional astrological consultation comprised of a comprehensive natal reading presenting a detailed portrait of your personality. Your talents, strengths and weaknesses will be explored as well as your current life situation. Your career, relationships, health and well-being, life direction and purpose, psychological difficulties, spiritual inclination and significant transitions in life will be analyzed according to your desire. You may ask any questions that are of interest or concern to you. The most important planetary influences during the year will be explained in relation to your present situation in life. Helping you achieve a better understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual well being is my desire and aspiration.




Horary is an ancient branch of astrology based on the time when a question is asked to an astrologer. This method works best when the questioner has a sincere and intense desire to amplify their understanding about aspects of their life that are uncertain. One may wish to ask about a past or future event, relationships, work offers, cars, boats, houses, animal purchases or sales, issues of health, finances, lost objects or persons, or other questions that are important to the inquirer.

The questions should be personally relevant to the querent and presented in a clear and concise manner.

Horary depends on the time a question is asked to the astrologer and therefore does not need the inquirer's time of birth. This classical system has been assisting people to find answers to a wide variety of questions for hundreds of years. Questions can be asked by email, phone or letter.

Each question $75



An astrological forecast can give you insight into the influences that will affect you in the coming year. By using your birth chart as a foundation, significant future trends in your life can be described. Having knowledge of favorable and challenging periods in your life will help you make the best out of the circumstances you will face. Such understanding reduces the level of stress. Knowledge of when a trying period will end puts difficult or disturbing events in a time bound perspective and thus lightens the psychological and emotional burden.

By knowing which aspect of life to concentrate on at specific times allows one to be better prepared to maximize favorable periods, capture potential opportunities, and reveal the potential of the lessons and knowledge being received.




According to this classical science, the time one initiates an event is of great importance. The moment one marries, starts a business, buys property, builds houses, signs contracts, undergoes surgery, starts education, initiates a spiritual endeavor or begins a journey, will positively or negatively affect the outcome of the attempt. Therefore, electional astrology can benefit the outcome of all your endeavors by finding the appropriate time to initiate these actions. The event chart is developed according to the date and time that best supports your stated desires and intentions.

Although no time is perfect, I will find the best situation to optimize your chances of success and minimize problems that otherwise would negatively affect the outcome. Calculating event charts is time consuming as it is a type of stellar detective work with many variables.

To assist me in finding the optimal time for your event, please tell me the type of event you are planning, what you are trying to accomplish, and why it is important to you. It is essential to provide a time frame within which the event should take place and the duration of the event. You must also supply the date, place and time of your birth.

Per hour $150



It can be advantageous to understand the astrological relationship between two persons. By comparing the birth charts of two related persons, one can get insight into the dynamics of their relationship. This interesting technique reveals the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship, indicates the means to amplify the positive and reduce the effects of the negative aspects, and deepens understanding of how the relationship influences the paired personality's individual development.

Relational horoscopes are useful in clarifying friendships, business partnerships, marriage, romantic encounters, parent-child dynamics, or any significant relationship between people.

This service includes an individual analysis of each chart, a collective analysis of both charts, and a relational comparison using synastry and composite techniques. Each party to the relational horoscope must give permission for the casting of the chart and provide their exact birth information.

Two Person Compatibility Analysis (Live or Recorded) $350
Computer Generated Compatibility Analysis (Print out or File) $25



Personal counseling and Astrologically-based therapy by Katarina who is State Board Certified as a therapist. $150 hour, also available in five or ten session packages.

The combination of astrology and therapy can bring deep insight and is a powerful tool for healing. Using the natal chart as a foundation allows the therapist and client to quickly pinpoint behavioral patterns borne of past or present challenges and enhances awareness and understanding.

To schedule an appointment, call 352 641 6232


The astrological influences that affect us differ from place to place on this planet. Considering this, the science of locational astrology assists us to find the optimal locations where we should live, work, or even visit on vacation!

When investigating the possibility of moving to another location, having a locational analysis can assist in finding the best place. The birth chart is analyzed in relation to the proposed sites to which a person wishes to move or visit and the positive and negative aspects that manifest in this new location indicate the potential forces that will affect the individual there. Having this information saves much work and struggle, for it maximizes the chances of success in the new location by filtering out places that are not advantageous for residence, work or vacation.

The same technique will show you the influences that are presently affecting you in the place where you now work or live. This will enable you to adjust your expectations or living arrangements and possibly reveal a better way to unleash your creative potential in that location.




Computer-generated astrological reports are an inexpensive alternative for those not yet ready for a fully personalized consultation. The types of computerized reports available include:

Natal Modern Report - provides an introductory interpretation of the natal chart from a modern psychological perspective. $25
Forecast - uses transits and progressions to evaluate the astrological influences in effect during any given period. $25
Synastry - compares two charts to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and the influence of each person on the other. $25
Zodiac Child - written for parents looking for insight into their child's individual gifts, challenges and emotional needs for a healthy childhood. $25
Solar Maps Relocation Report - explores the planetary energies available at any location in the world and their effect on the natal chart. $15
Fixed Stars Report - a specialty report analyzing meanings of the fixed stars aligned with planets and points in the natal chart. $25
Classical Astrology Report - a teaching report for those interested in the deterministic predictive methods of pre-17th century astrologers. $25
Classical Humors Report - interprets the natal chart from a medical perspective using the classical (pre-17th cent.) Hippocratic theory of humors. $25

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